Jan 1- ObserVA: what, where, why?

Okay I’m doing it.  For the calendar year of 2013, I am going to try to spend a year observing the natural/semi-natural world of central Virginia.  Every day, or as close as possible, I am going to try to notice something new, some change of season, some new plant, animal, or fungus, some detail of the micro- and macro- landscape that I had not noticed before, or which has changed since the last time I noticed it.  Carrying a notebook with me, I will try to take note of these details; carrying a camera, I will try to photograph them when possible.  I will try to add something as close to daily as my life allows, and will try not to get discouraged when I fall several days behind.

I will also be posting photos on the site.  To start: a late-December view of Twin Oaks’ beech forest:Image


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