Jan 2- winter to winter

As it turns out, one calendar year seems a pretty appropriate time frame for this sort of project.  January first is about ten days after solstice, at a time when the natural world gets as close to a full stop as any time during the year.  Not that everything has stopped growing, or turned brown– the wet, muddy area behind the tofu hut (which I like to think of as the “Tofu Death Zone” is still quite green and full of life.



The grass on the hillside leading up to high south is still verdant:



But to be sure the overall look of the woods is mostly just brown and gray.



It is interesting, however that the cycle of the natural world actually conveniently follows the artificial year that we have devised.  I look forward to documenting the cycle of sprouting, growth, fruiting, and dormancy (or death) that the upcoming year will bring.


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