Jan 4– Free Willy the rooster!

Here’s the story as I understand it.  Some weeks (months?) back, Sapphyre got some roosters from Shana that she slaughtered and ate.  One of the roosters got away, and rather than chase it down and kill it, Sapphyre let it go.  About a month ago, the rooster started showed up in random places around the farm, first at the old chicken yard, then in various cowfields, finally he seems to have made his way down to the winter chicken lot where our flock is spending the season.  He mostly hangs out just outside the fence, kind of odd considering he could go anywhere, but I think he likes the company of the other chickens.  I wonder if he would like to come in, and fear that if he did, the roosters in the yard (who are much larger and quite aggressive) would rip him apart.  I’ve become quite attached to Free Willy, and every time I see him down at the chicken yard, I toss him a handful of grain, or a bit of whatever compost I’m feeding to the chickens.  I reckon that at some point this winter, he’ll be killed either by cold or predators, but for now I say “be free, Willie!”

Willie in the bushes:


Willie hanging out just outside of the fence.  Don’t know if he’s making friends with the other rooster, or taunting him…IMG_1230 IMG_1231

Forever free! (at least until he gets killed by a raccoon or bobcat)IMG_1237


3 responses to “Jan 4– Free Willy the rooster!

  1. We have a Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken, we called her Egypt. She has always lived away from the coop. I found her injured one day and put her in the coop with the other chickens. She was pecked to near death. One eye gone, lifeless, I didn’t know what to do. I picked her up, thinking she was gone but no, she moved. YIKES. Dead chicken moving. I still didn’t know what to do. Kill her, pamper her, leave her in her favorite wild space to her fate? I left her in her to her fate. Crazy thing is she lived. Her feathers became beautiful, one eye healed up, the other is gone forever, she became full of life. To this day Egypt has become the Zombie chicken. Zombie continues to live free in the wild without complete vision but with a “free willy” spirit. She’s always the first one on scene for food when I head out to feed the captured souls, and I also can not resist to throw her some good treats to fill her belly.

  2. I have always enjoyed having pet roosters. I don’t know if you remember Rodney the Rooster that used to have the run of the house and would sleep in the house during the Winter. He would sometimes crow at 3 or 4 in the morning. He was just a Bantam so he was small and smarter than the average chicken

  3. I had a friend in Maine who had a feral hen that lived around her house through several Maine winters! I think Free Willy can hold his own!

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