Jan 7- birds at the feeder, mushrooms in the woods…

In some ways, the timing of this project is a bit unfortunate.  A few weeks ago (in December), I had lots of free time, which I spent wandering around in the woods thinking about creating this journal.  Now it’s January, when I’m actually “doing it,” and I have a large, quick-turnaround index that will be keeping me mostly housebound between now and Jan. 18th.  Still, I will steal away when I can, and observe what’s close by, rather than going out on expeditions.

One part of this project I’m excited about is returning to my birdfeeder.  A few years back, when I first moved into my corner Kaweah room, I was obsessed with hanging a birdfeeder that I could view from my bed, that was hung far enough in the trees and far enough from the ground that it would seem like a safe, woodsy space for the feeding birds.  After months (years?) of battle with squirrels, I finally found a perfect feeder, hung in the perfect place, which provided me with many hours of enjoyment both watching and identifying all the different bird species that showed up.  Some time back, I changed rooms, giving up my precious corner room to the boys, and since then, I have been pretty lackadaisical about keeping the feeder full.  As part of this journal, I’m going to try to resume filling it regularly, and documenting the different species of birds that show up.  This morning when first filled it, it wasn’t long before a pair of cardinals showed up, a brightly colored male that flew away before I could photograph it, and a slightly less fidgety female:


later in the afternoon, I was able to spot the ubiquitous chickadees, some tufted titmice, and the upside-down feeding white-breasted nuthatch.  Here’s some pictures I took, but I’m afraid they’re not very good:



After lunch, I took a quick walk down to the creek behind ZK for a bit of a look around.  Not much going on today, but I did see a bunch more oyster mushrooms starting to sprout on a stump just off the trail.  They seemed too small to harvest at this point, but maybe I’ll keep an eye on them over the next few days and see if they get any larger:



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