Jan 9- afternoon with the boys and solar clearing

Another weirdly warm day– it’s definitely starting to feel like another year without winter.  I had the boys this afternoon, and didn’t want to waste the afternoon inside, so we spent a couple of hours on a ‘treasure hunt,’ much of which involved clambering around in the woods and fields around high south.  It was my favorite weather, cool but not too cold with high clouds, and a nice day for a general mid-January look around: IMG_1388 IMG_1386

near the graveyard, we came across this tree with some impressive shelf mushrooms:


Along high south, playing around on some of the rather impressive quartz crystal outcroppings that we have so much of at Twin Oaks:


This piece of quartz had a weird sticky sac attached to it.  I don’t know if it was an egg thing of a seed thing, I was able to peel it off of the rock, then when I opened it, it had a few drops of some sort of sticky fluid inside of it:


A winter shot of the maypole looking sad and, as Zadek put it, “dead.”  It’ll look much different up here at the beginning of May!


Zad running around in the field at High South.  That kid is having a pretty good childhood:


When I got home, I went out back to check out the work on the solar clearing.  The forestry crew periodically cuts large trees from the woods just south of our clearings, so that they don’t shade the buildings and the yards.   While it is always hard to see and hear large trees being cut, I do appreciate the relative lack of mold it involves (and it’s not like we are running out of trees on our property).  I’m excited about putting some oyster plug spawn in these trunks in the spring, and seeing if anything comes of it:



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