Jan 11, drizzly winter day

Yesterday was my first total fail of the year– spent the whole day inside indexing, didn’t do a bit of observing or writing.  Will try to keep those to a minimum.  This afternoon, I went on a walk with Sami, up to EC to help out with ‘box make’, then down to the chickens to collect eggs.  Rather than the direct route up the tractor road, we took a roundabout loop through the woods that has become one of my favorite walks on the property.

It was a warm, grey, drizzly day, the air thick with fog that never entirely burned off.  Photo below shows the pathway , a trail of green moss growing on the white quartz.  Funny that the actual treadway of the path is the greenest thing in the forest this time of year:


at the conference site, we stopped to check out this building with a living roof that looks quite happy in these consitions.


At the conference site, we also came across this large plastic dome buried in the leaves.  I don’t know who put it there, or what its purpose was, but it was quite the bizzare thing to come across.  It seemed to glow from within, like some enormous mushroom or alien pod of some type.


As we made our way back through the beech forest, I was surprised to discover a blewit (one of my favorite edibles, and not one that I expected to find in mid-January!).  It was growing at the base of a large oak tree along with two others that were too far gone to eat.  There was also a piece of bark on the ground which, when I picked it up, the bottom side was covered in this impressive mycelieum.  I’ve been reading Paul Stamets’ Mycelium Running, which has only been adding to my recent mycomaina, so expect plenty more photos of mushrooms and mycelia in the future…

IMG_1434 IMG_1436


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