Jan 15-back among the living.

Today I arose from my sick bed and rejoined the world of the living.  Hope I don’t have to go through that sort of miserly again for a long while.  While I’ve been out of commission, the weather has remained unusually warm for January.  I know it’s early to count Old Man Winter out, but let’s just say he’s taking his sweet time getting here.  After spending the weekend alternating between fog and sun, we’re now into a persistent winter rain, too cold to really enjoy but too warm for snow.  Still, it felt so good to be on my feet again that I skipped lunch (still have no appetite) and walked along Tofu Effluent creek from where it crosses Vigor Road to the trail below ZK.  It felt so good to be in the woods again, I would have stayed out longer, but it seemed unwise to spend more than 20 minutes thrashing around in the cold rain in my still-sickly state.

View of our woods from Vigor Road.  I like the way the beech trees, which don’t lose their leaves in the winter, provide a “ghost understory:”IMG_1447

The last time I was at this creek, I hopped back and forth over it without thought– this time it was a bit trickier to find a crossing.  I was about to use this log to cross over when I noticed it was covered with poison ivy.  Don’t go that way!


When the big oaks fall over, usually during a windstorm, they pull up big chunks of earth with their roots.  During rains, the divots left behind become tiny ponds scattered throughout the woods.IMG_1452


I don’t know what killed this tree, but it looks pretty cool:IMG_1453


Surprisingly, I didn’t see any oyster mushrooms– I figured that with the warm wet weather, there would be lots out.  I did see a lot of these mock oysters, which are quite pretty, although inedible.



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  1. Hi, Ezra. Is there any way your blog can come directly to my facebook page or email every day? Do I have to join the WordPress site (for $18) just to Like your blog? Barb G.

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