Jan 18– Snowpocalypse it ain’t

By the time the snow stopped last night, we had a couple of inches of accumulation, enough to make me think that there might be some sledding or other satisfying snow play.  During the late evening and early morning, I heard the telltale drip drip of melting snow; apparently even in the middle of the night the temperatures were warm enough to erode what little snow was piled up.  Waking up at dawn today (it’s my chickens day again), it was immediately clear, as this photo of the M* yard shows, that although the first snowfall of the winter has iced the woods with pretty white frosting, I’m not exactly about to bust out the cross-country skis.Image

The wintery landscape, in the moments just before sunrise, was gorgeous.  As much as I grumble about having to wake early to let the chickens out of their coop, I do appreciate getting to see sights like this in the stillness of the early morning.ImageImage

Even the puddles in the road were pretty.  I enjoyed first appreciating the unique beauty of each icy puddle, then the satisfying crunch of stomping in every one!



One response to “Jan 18– Snowpocalypse it ain’t

  1. these pictures are beautiful Ez!!! waking up for chickens is almost always worth it 🙂

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