Feb 6- woodsplittin’

I was splitting wood today, with a splitting machine.  The insides of some of the logs, at the moment when they popped open, had some amazing colors and textures.  Here are a couple photos of an especially pretty piece.  The lowest one is a picture of a mycelium, with tiny tentacles spread out devouring the wood.  The pic didn’t really come out, but you get the idea.  It was awful purty.

ImageImage.  Image


One response to “Feb 6- woodsplittin’

  1. Thank you so much for your message. What a lovely area you live in – I enjoy your thoughtful observations and beautiful photos so much. You are right I’m in New England – in New Hampshire just across the Connecticut river from Vermont. As I know you know from your photos once you start noticing all the beauty that is around there just seems to be that much more of it. What a pleasure! Keep posting whenever you can – your blog is lovely. All the best, Seedbud.

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