Feb 11- through the graveyard


Rained again last night, the morning was cool, humid, and very pleasant. I had work down in the courtyard, so I took the ‘scenic route’ through the cemetary. Some of what I saw:



There are lots of stumps on TO land, evidence of forestry seasons past. Some of them have a few shelf mushrooms; some don’t have any. And for some reason, a few of them, maybe one in 60, have tons of mushrooms, several different species, covering them.  I always like seeing what’s going on with this stump, which is quite near Kaweah.  I also ran across some of this brightly colored “witches butter,” which is technically edible but didn’t look all that appetizing.




Saw lots of little shoots from this plant, whatever it is.  I’m pretty sure that these delicate things hadn’t pushed through the leaves last time I went this way.  Image

And these poison ivy vines are going to be pretty formidable in a few months!Image

The forest up at the graveyard had been cleaned up even more by the forestry crew, the open, parklike look seems appropriate.  It’s an interesting graveyard, one could could look across it without even knowing what it was.  Looking closer, you see modest headstones and circles of white quartz.  Kat was one of Twin Oaks’ co-founders, who founded and lived in communities for most of her life.  Kana was a member who died shortly before I came to Twin Oaks– I’m writing this entry right now on a table he built.  Image


I knew Rafi from college, she lived here as a child and was the first person to ever tell be about Twin Oaks. Image


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