Feb 14–cleanin’ the road (first of many)

Twin Oaks has for years been part of the “adopt-a-highway” program, and I’ve been the main person doing it for most of my twelve years here.  In our case, “adopt-a-highway” is a bit of a euphemism, as it’s more “adopt-a-little-used-rural-byway.” Once a month, I go out with a group of Twin Oaks visitors, walk the “half-block” of roads linking the community’s front and back entrances, and pick up the inevitable, regrettable, accumulation of garbage along the roadway.  I alternate sides, so I’m walking each side of the half-block once every two months– seeing the changes in the landscape as I repeated the same route was one of the experiences which inspired me to keep a daily journal.  This afternoon, we walked the Vigor Rd./Old Mtn. Road section, which is longer but more scenic, passing through sections of forest and past old farms.  It was a sunny but cool afternoon, very pleasant winter day for a 3-mile walk.

Blue skies and white horses on the Sadler Farm (our neighbor to the west)


Another neighbor had blooming crocuses scattered through their yard, white and yellow ones, in contrast to the purple ones that are starting to come up everywhere at Twin Oaks



The fields are still yellow with last years’ dead grass; the forests are still wearing their grey winter coat.  No change there.Image

At one point, we found this old bottle buried in the muck.  As I started to dig it out, I discovered a tiny terrarium world growing inside the bottle.  Decided to leave it where it was, a mini-greenhouse along the side of the road, trash having combined with nature to create art.  We also found: a cigar in a sealed wrapper, a candy cane also in a sealed wrapper, and an unopened Bud Lite.  Had ourselves quite a party when the road clean was finished!


Further up, I came across this tree, which looks like a fish or dinosaur head or something.  As it’s just a few steps off of the road, I’ve been enjoying seeing this tree for years.


Near the end of the day’s walk, I came across this bloom of daffodils in a neighbor’s front yard.  February 14th, a traditional day of flowers, and definitely the first daffodils I’ve seen so far this year.Image


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