Feb 16– just another cold grey one…

Cold and rainy overnight.  Still drizzling in the morning, and it never really warmed up during the day (high of 40 I think), no sun, windy and grey.  Had a few snow flurries this afternoon, which melted immediately with no accumulation. After my Louisa trip, before ultimate frisbee, I went for a quick stroll in the woods across the road near the river.  Discovered that I’d left my camera at home–dumb.  On some well-decomposed stumps, I found a number of mushrooms that I’m sure were Reishi, the famed medicinal mushroom of Eastern medicine, and a few more that I thought may have been but wasn’t sure.  Considered picking them, but decided to leave them be for now.  I did pick this shelf mushroom, in order to take it home and identify it.  From my little bit of internet research, I think it may be Thin-maze Flat Polypore mushroom (Daedaleopsis confragosa).



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