Feb 18- just another winter day

Just another winter day.  Walking up to Tupelo, I took the ‘scenic path’ along the creek.  Thin crust of ice under the forest litter crunched satisfyingly as I walked.  Looking in the water for signs of life, and found minnows.  Not the most inspiring of fish, but that’s what’s there.  Sometimes, during the summer, the creek dries to almost nothing– I wonder if they sense it and swim down to the river in time, or find puddles to hole up in until the next rains come.

Forest was still quiet enough to hear individual bird calls, bracketed by silence.  Heard the taptap of woodpeckers reverberating through the trees several times, and the angry hiss of a squirrel once.  Tiny ground plants (ground pine, ground cedar, moss) still providing the only greenery to be found, but I was happy for even that little bit of color: Image


Interesting little side channel to the creek– it’s dry now, but looks like it cuts quite a channel during storms.  It reminded me a bit of a glacier of leaves, pushing downhill.Image

Eventually, I found my way back to “Tupelo Spring,” which is still flowing, sweetly surrounded by ground cedar, moss, and some sort of other delicate leafy green plant that I haven’t been seeing elsewhere in the woods. Image

Normally, I don’t see any other people in the woods, and today was no exception.  I did run across one of our dogs, Skinny Minnie, dashing around, nose to the ground, barking happily.  Ran up to say hello, then was off in a flash.  She is a recent adoptee who came in out of the woods a couple of months ago, scrawny to the point of starvation, but so sweet and friendly that she melted hearts and found a home at Twin Oaks.  Today she was bounding about full of energy, following the myriad of scent trails which, invisible to us humans, criss-cross the forest all around.


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