Feb 19- oh the wind and rain



Oh it was a yukky one today.  “Wintry mix,” cold rain, just a few degrees above freezing all day.  Not the sort of day one would want to voluntarily spend a lot of time outside.  Doing tofu delivery, I was involuntarily forced to spend some time outside, and I can’t say I much enjoyed it.  After finishing delivery in Crozet, I briefly thought about toughing out a walk in the woods, but I really wasn’t dressed for it and didn’t want to make myself sick.  So instead I took a picture out the window of the hills of Shenandoah Nat’l park under leaden winter skies:



On the way back through C’ville, there was a hint of clearing, and I thought I might get out some, but by the time I got back home to Twin Oaks, it was windy and drizzling again, and I just went back to bed, project be damned.  My enthusiasm for tramping around in the sodden woods resembled the crocuses below.  Hopefully I’ll be back out tomorrow. Image



One response to “Feb 19- oh the wind and rain

  1. I live in western Virginia and I’m seeing buds swelling on the trees and the mosses are really green. Even though the days are still cold, the birds are singing in the morning and I see males chasing females.

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