Feb 22– gray day

Another day, cold & grey, as February rolls on.  I took the kids to Charlottesville for their homeschool ‘class’ this morning, then got breakfast and ate it on the bank of the Rivanna River.  As befitting the season, everything looked a bit grey– river, trees, sky, but it was pleasant to watch the birds, fly past, flitting up and down the river.  I didn’t have the time to walk more than a few hundred yards on the trail, but would like to come back some day and do a longer walk– as you can see below, it’s quite a beckoning trail…



When I went back to pick up the kids, I saw this planting outside of the building: “Eco-tulips,”  and indeed the tulips appear to be coming up.  It’s still going to be a while before the Eco-tulip blooms, but the little green tops have broken through the half-frozen soil, and on a cold & grey late February day, you take what you can find.



One response to “Feb 22– gray day

  1. Beckoning trail indeed. Because of your blog I have been looking for the first signs of spring on my walks and in my yard. Watching my gardens come to life in the spring always makes my heart beat faster and I fill with excitement knowing the soil will move between my fingers soon.

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