Feb 25-March 2- weak week

Well, I got lazy this week.  Combination of injury, family/work obligations, crappy weather, and just plain inertia kept me away from the journal for the past week, something that I plan on changing later today.

Can’t say I’ve got out much since last Sunday.  I hurt my back last Saturday; on Sunday I tried the ol’ “take painkillers and ignore it” solution, going on a hike and doing a full afternoon of work.  Monday morning, I felt the consequences– I was in bad shape!  So I spent the day Monday resting, soaking in a hot bath, and generally taking it easy.  I delivered tofu on Tuesday, and thought about going for a bit of a hike, but an all-day shower of “wintery mix” make me think again.  No one wants to go out in that crap.  Wednesday was taken up with various work/family obligations, I suppose I could have got out but inertia and laziness was definitely starting to take hold.

On Thurdsay 2/28, I spent the day in Richmond with my family.  On a sunny but cold late afternoon, we walked across the footbridge over the James River to Belle Island, a bit of wild land just a few hundred yards from downtown.  Although in the past the island hosted factories and even a Civil War prison, these days it’s all parkland, with a whole network of trails that we didn’t have time to fully explore.  I walked with my son to the southern tip of the island, where I took some photos of downtown Richmond, as seen from Belle Island:



There were loads of loud honking geese, congregating on the tiny islands that dot the river.  The James River in Richmond is an amazing corridor of– if not quite wilderness, then at least wild-ish-ness running right through the center of the city.  Image


All over the island, tiny green leafy plants were just starting to poke out of the ground.  The season seems to be ever so slightly further along in Richmond than it is in Virginia.  I’m still not seeing much change in my neck of the woods, which has been one reason for my lack of effort, but as “they” say, if I’m not seeing, perhaps it’s because I’m not looking hard enough or looking in the right places.  Will try to get back on track in upcoming days.Image


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