March 3– back at it…

Having taken a week off from my strolls in the woods, I went on a short outing this morning, to check up on the “state of the state,” if you will. This morning started out frosty (as has every morning recently), but was pretty pleasant by the time I got going. I can’t say much has changed out there, but all the same it was nice after a week hiatus to smell the woodsy smells, listen to the birdsy songs, all that good stuff.


In the woods below Tupelo, I came across this weird black stuff growing on a downed branch, and also scattered on the ground nearby.  I’m not quite sure what it is, it didn’t smell like anything, and when I broke one of them open (see below), it defnitely appeared to be fungal in nature.  Weird.




Later on, following a creekbed, I heard the sounds of tinkling, cascading water.  I looked around, but couldn’t locate the source– eventually, I found a little “cave” made up of a hollow spot under some tree roots, with water flowing out from underneath.  I reached my camera underneath, and took a photo of this cute little underground spring.Image

As I made my way back home, I crossed a recent clearing where we’re cutting back the woods to make room for a small fruit orchard.  Nothing has been planted yet, but rows of bare stick-like fruit trees and bushes are lined up in black plastic pots, waiting to go into the ground.  The trees have been cut as close to flush with the ground as possible, so there’s no stumps to trip over, I suppose.  I just liked the cool color patterns in the stump.


Closer to home, I came across a field of daffodils, ever closer to blooming.  Although I’ve seen daffodils in flower in neighbor’s yards and in C’ville, the ones at Twin Oaks haven’t quite opened yet.  We have so many growing around here that, in a week or so, it’s going to be daffodil madness!



Finally, I returned home through my backyard, looking for signs of seasonal progress since the last time I checked a week ago.  For the most part, everything’s still pretty dormant, but there has been noticeable bud growth in the buds of blueberry plants, which look as though they could open up at any minute.  Nice to see so many buds, looks like we’re going to have plenty of berries this summer– yum!



One response to “March 3– back at it…

  1. Glad you’re feeling better and back at it! I love your photo of the underground spring. I don’t know if you have karst soils there, but in the porous karst soils, creeks can actually drop underground and disappear only to reappear miles away. We have several underground springs on our farm.

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