March 6- finally…snow!


Well, we’ve been hearing about it for at least a week, and it looks like “they” were right this time– we finally got some snow!  When I went to bed around midnight last night, I looked out and saw that the snow was just beginning to accumulate– when I woke up and looked out the window, this is what I saw:Image

The snow continued to fall through the morning, sometimes quite hard.  The power had gone out during the night, so there was no telling how widespread the storm was, but it seemed like we were definitely getting hit pretty hard.  Needless to say, I was thrilled!  The boys and I wasted little time getting suited up and going outside, into a world transformed overnight. Image



Before long, I was heading out into the community to survey the scene.  All around, I could hear the crack and crash of branches and trees, overloaded with heavy wet snow, dropping to the ground.  Not five minutes from my house, I had to jump back to avoid being mushed by a thick overhanging branch crashing to the ground.  Definitely more excitement than I usually experience on that bit of the trail!  The coniferous trees, the pines and cedars, seemed to be getting the worst of it, as they could not shed their weighy loads as fast as the snow was coming down, and many of them were bent nearly double.  Image

Walked out past the courtyard through the garden in near-blizzard conditions.  Although in this photo, the buildings of the courtyard are no more than a couple hundred yards away, they looked almost like a distant mirage through the heavy snowfall.  Image

Passing through the apple orchard…Image

…to the field where I typically play ultimate frisbee on Wednesday mornings with some friends.  As it turned out, a bunch of people actually showed up, and we spent a good hour throwing the frisbee around, diving into the snow, and generally wrestling and horsing around while the inches of accumulation continued to pile up.Image

Here’s a photo of Vigor Rd., the little traveled and rarely-plowed county road in front of Twin Oaks community.Image

Once I was sufficiently thoroughly soaked and tired, I headed back towards home, where I saw this incongruous sight of the willow tree, colorful with spring buds and white with snow.  Image

The bamboo, in particular, was pretty well devastated by the weight of all the snow, and I’m not at all sure it will recover.  Many trees, like the pine below, had lost limbs.Image


My driveway, snowed in and littered with twigs and branches.  Image

By noon, the inevitable had started.  The temperatures warmed up to a few degrees above freezing.  The snow began to taper off, then turn into a nasty rain/slush mixture that soaked the snow into wet spongy nastiness.  The wind picked up and blew all the snow from the trees.  The rest of the day was wet, windy, and utterly unappealing, making me feel thankful that I had made the time to go out and play on this most delightful of snowy mornings.


4 responses to “March 6- finally…snow!

  1. More snow than I’ve seen all year! You are growing bamboo? Amazing!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the snow. I remember my one day of snow at TO last year when you scared me at the window when you were snow shoeing and I was packing seeds. Love your posts — and you. Ma

  3. wow ez, seems so unreal to me..we are in a major drought, never-ending hot sunny days this summer and no rain in sight, brown grass and cracks in the earth, i find myself looking longingly at your snow pictures! Love to you from the deeeeep south. x

  4. Beautiful picture of the apple tree! 🙂

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