March 9- two seasons in one day


Too warm to be winter, too much snow on the ground to be spring.  A bit of frost early in the morning, but soon it was all sorts of sunny and warm.  Outside in the sun this afternoon, people wearing t-shirts, people wearing no shirts, as the leftover snow continues to melt.  It says something about just how much snow fell on Wednesday that even after two warm sunny days there’s still pretty substantial snow cover, especially in the woods.  But the way it’s been lately, that surely won’t last long.

The daffodils have begun blooming around the community, even as the surrounding patches of snow disappear.  The crocuses are still going strong, having been only mildly inconvenienced by the snowstorm.Image

In my back yard, the green shoots of spring (I think these are irises) poke their heads through the lingering snows of winter…Image



One response to “March 9- two seasons in one day

  1. such beautiful photographs. Ma

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