March 16– thunderstorm, rainbow, and fog…

Today we had our first spring thunderstorm of the year– lightning, thunder, heavy rain, the whole bit.  As you can see in the photo below, a thunderstorm is a difficult thing to photograph in a way that gives any sense of what it feels like to actually be in it; the smells, the contrast between the warm air and cold rain, the look of a sky that is dark gray on one side, while still sunny on the other.Image

The storm swiftly passed overhead, west to east, clouds sliding away and revealing a low, late-afternoon sun, perfect rainbow conditions.  I ran outside with my camera and didn’t have to look long to see a full 180-degree double rainbow.  Getting a decent photo was a different thing, and by the time I made it to a clearing where you could actually see the sky, half of it had disappeared.  Still, it was quite a sight.  My youngest kid, who turns four on the 17th, commented that although he’s seen rainbows in books and movies and whatnot, it’s the first time he has really been aware of seeing a real one in person.  Image


The day ended with the sun lighting up water dripping from the leaves and trees,  and eerie tendrils of wispy fog gathering in the woods, collecting in low spots and drainages, the kind of fog that you might see in a horror movie but rarely in real life.  I guess that between the thunder and lightning, the rainbow, and the fog, the entire afternoon had a kind of otherworldly feeling.Image


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