March 18- down but not out

I’m aware, of course, that it’s still technically winter, so I wasn’t too surprised that yesterday was cold and gray, and wasn’t even too surprised to see some sort of unpleasant slushy-half snow dropping from the sky.  St. Pat’s day is kind of a big holiday in my family, so I was hoping for a nicer day, but being mid-March, you can’t exactly count on it.

But I must admit I was a bit surprised when I looked out my window this morning and saw this:Image

Kind of pretty, kind of just yukky and muddy.  I don’t know that the temperature ever dropped much below freezing, and by the time I stepped outside this morning, the ground was a soupy mess of melting snow and mud.  I was definitely thankful for those dealing with the cows or chickens or other essential outdoor jobs this morning, and even more thankful today was not my day to split wood or take care of the chickens.Image

The daffodils seemed depressed.  Can a flower be depressed?Image

This red-budded plant had just begun to flower outside of our dining hall.  Now it’s covered with snow.  Tomorrow, it will probably be 60 degrees and it will flower again.  March is odd.Image

I had a couple of tasks to take care of down in the courtyard.  On the way home, I took the ‘scenic route’ around the pond, enjoying the aesthetics of a wintry landscape that (with any luck) we won’t be experiencing again for quite a few months.Image



One response to “March 18- down but not out

  1. It’s always easier to appreciate what you hope is that ‘final’ snow…

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