Mar 30- shorts and t-shirt

Warmest day of the year so far, and for the first time I went for a walk in shorts and a t-shirt.  Walked down to the river, where the overall look of the forest was about the same as a month ago when I was last here. Image

looking closer, however, there were more signs of the arrival of spring.  In the ‘floodplain’ bit of the woods, the flat area just above the river banks, these tiny wildflowers were plentiful, sometimes growing singly, sometimes in pairs or small clusters.  Image


Tufts of new green grass were muscling their way through last year’s brown detritus.Image

And a little hoppy toad was exploring the forest near a mostly-dry but still kind of swampy creekbed.  Image

Although this bush is just starting to open its leaf buds, the vine growing along its branches is beginning to burst with new growth. Image

I was examining stumps on my way up from the river, looking for any signs of new fungal activity.  No ‘shrooms, but one of the stumps was covered with pointy knobs of wood, unlike anything I have seen before.  I don’t know if this is a natural growth pattern, or a response to disease or insects, or what, but it was very interesting looking.Image

Like the back of a dinosaur or mythical spiny beast, or the profile of some treeless, remote mountain range…Image



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