March 31- Easter flowers

Lions and lambs notwithstanding, March is going out much like it came in, mostly cold, gray, and wet.   Drizzly Easter Sunday presented quite a contrast to the Sunny Saturday that preceded it.  I spent the morning depressed about some expensive musical equipment that got lost last night, then went for a walk in the dripping woods to get my mind off of it.

The berries in my backyard (at least the raspberry and gooseberry plants) have started to put out leaves, although fruit is still many weeks away.  Image


In the woods, I’ve been noticing more and more holes in the trees, presumably made by woodpeckers.  This one was unusual for how clean and perfectly round it was. Image

Many flowering trees and shrubs in the forest lack the kind of large showy blooms that we imagine when we think of wildflowers, but their flowers, though small and inconspicuous  are actually quite pretty.   These were growing on some spindly understory plant to which I had never given a second look previously.Image

At the graveyard, I spotted these opening blooms, which had been planted on the grave of a woman who had been born at Twin Oaks and died young a decade ago.  I hadn’t noticed them on past trips up this way.  Although they were clearly planted by someone, the semi-wild look of the Twin Oaks cemetery gave them a “forest wildflower” feel.   I’ll try to return in a week or so when they’re fully opened– should be pretty spectacular.Image



In the orchard right next to my house, which was planted about four years ago and is still a work in progress, the flowers on the cherry trees are just starting to open.  There are many buds which look like they could pop at any minute, and a very few open flowers.  This, too, will look pretty amazing in just a few days!Image

In another corner of the orchard is a “plumcot,” which bears a tasty fruit that is unfortunately a favorite of worms and grubs.  The plumcot’s flowers, while not quite as spectacular as the cherry blossoms, are numerous, and have all started to open just over the past couple of days.   With this latest patch of cold wet weather, there is a feeling of building potential, as though all it would take is a couple of warm sunny days to trigger a frenzy of leaf and bud.   Image




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