April 3– springtime at Acorn

Just a short one today.  This afternoon, a sunny but cool spring day, I went over to Acorn community with the boys.  Acorn is a sister community to Twin Oaks seven miles down the road, which has been around for 20 years now.  Their land, although just a fraction the acreage of Twin Oaks has some pretty woods and fields, which I was hoping to explore.  As it turned out, I got involved in trampolining with the kids and helping build a stage for an upcoming party, so I didn’t do much walkin’ around.  All over Louisa county, the cherry trees are really coming into bloom, and Acorn’s were no exception.  The straw-covered shape on the left is a big fig tree, which hasn’t shown any signs of springtime growth yet.  Image

On the way over to Acorn, we passed fields that were totally overrun with the small purple wildflower weed below.  It seems to be blooming like crazy this week, and the effect of great masses of it is pretty dramatic.  I did some internet research, and discovered that it is called Purple Dead Nettle (“dead” because, unlike other types of “live” nettles, it has no stinger), and that it is a plentiful wild edible. (http://firstways.com/2011/02/17/purple-dead-nettle-a-weed-good-to-eat/ or http://pathtosustainableliving.com/2012/foraging-wild-edibles-purple-dead-nettle-lamium-purpureum/)Image

Acorn recently moved their chickens onto a plot of land which they will soon plow up and plant their garden in.  I guess they’re using the chickens to reduce the insect population of this bit of land, and poop out some fertilizer while they’re at it.  I liked the look of the roosters cruising through the thick grass, with just the tops of their heads visible, like some terrestrial avian shark.Image


3 responses to “April 3– springtime at Acorn

  1. Sounds like yer about three weeks ahead of us up here in southeastern Pennsylvania.

  2. BarbaraGhoshal

    May 3?

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