April 5– as the sun follows the rain

Well into the first week of April, and spring continues to toy with us.  While the days have been pleasant, we’re still getting a bit of frost on most nights.  Yesterday started pleasant enough, but by the afternoon a cold gray wind had blown in a rainstorm which turned to snow and slush for much of the evening (snow in April ?!?).  This morning was sunny and warm, though quite muddy.  I had free time in the morning, so headed out to explore.

In the Morningstar orchard right outside my door, the cherry trees have yet to really start flowering (although the week of frost-free days in the 60’s and 70’s which is forecast will likely change that).  The dwarf cherry shrubs have already passed the peak of their flowering and have started to open their leaves.Image

I walked through High South field to one of my favorite places on the farm, a spot where a vein of quartz ( the most common rock at Twin Oaks) breaks to the surface.  There are large boulders of white quartz crystal and many smaller pieces thrust out of the ground, with a huge old oak standing overhead.  It is a spot which becomes fairly inaccessible once the poison ivy really starts growing, but it’s quite lovely now. Image


Quartz rock quite literally litters the ground all over Twin Oaks (which is in fact just about the only place I’ve ever been where there is so much quartz crystal and so little other rock), but it is rare to find a piece this large which is pure white.Image

Squeezed between two of the quartz boulders is this weathered stump which, when viewed from the right angle, looks like the lofty summits of some Patagonian mountain range.Image

Kind of makes you want to set up a base camp and prepare your ropes and pitons…Image


close-up of the swirly patters at the base of the stump.  I’ve always been so fascinated with the shapes and patterns of nature, thankful that this project is giving me a chance to really “get into it.”Image

On the way back, I was checking stumps for mushrooms.  Didn’t spot anything recent (probably still too much frost), but the shelf mushrooms that have been clinging to the stumps all winter were definitely enjoying the warmth and moisture, all spongy-swollen and soft. Image

Last I noticed these shoots, they were just coming out of the ground, poking through holes in the snow.  My, how you’ve grown!Image


2 responses to “April 5– as the sun follows the rain

  1. BarbaraGhoshal

    Love the swirly stumps. Was walking in the Grove in Glenview last week, and found myself looking for mushrooms…nothing so far.

  2. Beautiful photos Ez. I am loving reading your blog. It’s bringing back such memories of my walks and adventures and times at TO and its surrounds. x

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