April 29 – green and greener

Got home Saturday night, and my immediate impression of Twin Oaks was of a green tunnel.  In the few days that we had been in DC, the forest leaves have nearly completed their springtime opening, from top to bottom.  The woods alongside the road are like a green wall.  Such a contrast from just two weeks ago!

Yesterday was the community’s celebration of Mayday/Beltane, with dancing around the maypole and such.  Unfortunately, I was cooking dinner and missed the afternoon festivities, but spent an enjoyable evening playing music around (and leaping over) a campfire burning up at the maypole site.

Lots of rain overnight and through the first half of today.  It didn’t seem possible for the forest to get any greener, but 18 hours of steady rain has done it.  I finally got a chance to take a walk this afternoon, through the green tunnel.


Near our warehouse/conference site, I came across strawberry plants in bloom at the edge of the forest.  I’m not sure if someone planted them there or whether they’re wild– seems like an odd place for wild strawberries.


Further in the woods, I spotted a hammock, which I don’t recall ever seeing before, hanging in the canopy of a bright green beech tree.  There’s no ladder or rope to the hammock, and it seems like quite a difficult climb to get up.Image

Walking through our beech grove, green light filtering though the dripping leaves, surrounded by birdsong and mud.  It’s amazing to think about how sparse and open this part of the woods looked just a few weeks ago.Image

I spotted a few oyster mushrooms alongside the trail; unfortunately most of them had been previously spotted by bugs.  I also came across this soft bulbous fellow that I don’t recognize.  It might be a shitake that has grown “wild” off of spores produced by our nearby community shitake plot.  Image

There was also a decent sized faun mushroom which was free from bugs.  I think I’ll have it with dinner.Image


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