May 8 – after the storm

Wow that was a lot of rain!  It kept going off and on most of the night and all through today, although today was more drizzle than storm.  I took a trip to town, which involved driving along and over the South Anna River.

The lower cowfield, the one closest to the river, was covered in muddy standing water, as seen from the road.Image

You can’t see it, but there is a dam under all that water.  Usually, there is a small waterfall where the river flows over the dam.  When the water is low, it doesn’t even flow over it.  When the water is high, the waterfall can be pretty impressive, churning up a brown froth.  When the water is even higher, the waterfall is more of a ripple, a standing wave.  And when the water is really high (as it was this afternoon), you can’t even see where the dam is.Image

Yanceyville road was officially closed, at the spot where backed-up river water floods the road.  But I think that by the time I was down there, the water level had receded a bit from this morning, as it was actually not that hard to drive through.Image

On one side of the road, a neighbor’s woods were standing in backed-up river water…Image

And on the other side, the field was a shallow lake.Image

Earlier today, I had the uncommon pleasure of finding and eating a species of edible mushroom that I had previously not identified.  This one is a “platterful” mushroom, and I would rate it’s flavor as “pretty good, nothing too amazing, but worth eating if you can find a decent specimen.”  My son Sami was more impressed, saying it was the best-tasting mushroom he had ever eaten.ImageNow this one is intriguing to me.  I’ve been seeing them all over, and I’m going to try using a mushroom ID book to figure out just what it is, as soon as I’ve posted this.Image

Walking in the woods this afternoon, I came across this weird looking flower, a pink lady’s slipper, which makes a regular springtime appearance at Twin Oaks each year.Image

In the Kaweah back yard, the irises have been blooming like mad, despite the drenching they received over the past 24 hours.Image

There are light purple ones, purple and yellow ones, and bright white ones.  All told, they make quite a sight in the backyard.  We’ll see how long they last…Image


Later in the afternoon, I took a trip to Acorn community with the kids.  While they took a bubble bath, I wandered around looking for more mushrooms, and found these crazy clusters growing out of a sawdust-strewn old wood lot, a spot where they had split and stacked firewood in years past.  After doing a bit of research, I think it’s an edible mushroom, H. capnoides (, but I’d need to do more research before I was ready to start eating it.Image

Here’s a cluster that had come loose, either because someone picked them, or something.  Image

There were about five separate clusters of these mushrooms growing out of the ground, pushing the old decomposed wood up and to the side.Image

On the way back from Acorn, we had to cross the S. Anna River once more.  Although not quite at flood stage (there was a safe few feet between the top of the river and the bridge), it was certainly running high.Image


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