May 10- misty sunrise & waxy caps

This is going to be a short one, as I haven’t had much chance to get out and explore today.  The day started early early, as I awoke at dawn to let the chickens out.  Walking down the road at sunrise, with the mist hanging thickly over the damp meadows and gardens:Image

Sunrise behind the apple treeImage

At lunch, the talk was of the dreaded “seventeen-year cicada,” which has definitely started emerging.  The boys had collected a jar full of their discarded exoskeletons, along with a couple of newly-emerged live ones.  I didn’t have my camera at that point, but I’m sure there will be many many many many opportunities to photograph the plague over the course of this spring and summer.  But for future reference, let it be known that May 10th was the official beginning of cicada season in Virginia this year.

Later in the afternoon, as I went with my son Sami to collect eggs, we came across this tulip poplar flower, the best-preserved one I’ve yet found.Image

The field where the chickens are now living was filled with these white “Star of Bethlehem” flowers.Image

And as I was coming home from the chickens, I came across a patch of edible “Yellow Waxy Cap” mushrooms (Hygrophorus flavescens) , the first ones I’ve seen this year.



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