June 5 – roadside flowers

Another month, another road clean shift with the visitors.  This was a good one– lots of visitor help, an unseasonably cool cloudy day (the weather has been utterly delightful for the past few days), and not too much trash along the roads.  Mostly, I’ve been noticing the roadside wildflowers of late spring/early summer.  It’s nice to get to see them at walking pace, rather than just a glimpse as I drive past.

Here’s a shot of the garden at the end of Twin Oaks’ driveway.  It’s hard to see the individual plants in this photo, but I wanted to get a sense of how many different flowers are in bloom this time of year.  It’s a nice welcome for folks as they enter the community.Image

Yesterday, I posted pictures of some of the asters, daisies, etc. that line the roads round these parts.   My road clean route took me past even more fields filled with pleasant summer-type wildflowers.  Most of them didn’t look all that different from photos I’ve already posted, so I’ll just put up this one, as a representative sample of what much of the 3-mile route looked like:IMG_0219

One particularly pretty flower that’s blooming right now, that I encountered several times as I was walking around the block, are these sweet peas.  I know them more as a cultivated flower than as a wild one, but they were growing in several places that it seemed unlikely that anyone would plant them (along the edges of forests, relatively far from yards and houses), so I imagine that they have gone at least semi-feral.Image

close-up of their bright colorful blooms.Image

Early on the walk, I encountered this fellow crossing the road.  Unfortunately, the photo came out a little bit blurry, but it was just such a wild-looking caterpillar that I had to include this image.  I wonder what sort of butterfly it will turn into?Image


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