June 8 – sun sun sun here it comes

It rained again Friday night.  It rained again Saturday morning.  Around noon, the storm finally blew itself out, and bits of blue sky started showing up through the clouds.  Blue sky…remember what that looks like?!?Image

At the exact moment when the rain stopped and the sun came out, I found myself with 45 minutes or so of free time, so I ducked into the rain-drenched woods for a bit of a look around.  I’m continuing to find oyster mushrooms here and there on stumps, and still haven’t found any that are in edible condition.  I’ll keep looking through, as they’re so tasty if I can ever find a (relatively) bug-free one.Image

Making my way down to the creek behind ZK, through warterlogged, swampy forest.  I don’t know how much one can get away with anthropomorphise plant emotions, but the plants really seemed happy to be getting a bit of sunlight to go with all that rain.Image

Crossing the creek, enjoying the play of light and shadow in the deep woods.Image

I didn’t have any shoes, or my mushroom-collecting bag & knife.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just enjoying the gleam of sunlight on soaking wet leaves and forest floor.Image

Hark!  What’s this I see?  A Chicken of the Woods?!? Oh that will be so very tasty tasty when I cook it up with Sunday dinner!Image

The remainder of the afternoon was pretty full, what with Twin Oaks’ anniversary celebration, gin and tonics, and two full hours of playing with our resident Grateful Dead cover band.  After dinner, I went home to change into some clothes for ultimate frisbee, and came across this radiant salamander.  In the sideways light of late afternoon, it looked almost translucent, shining in the sunlight.Image

same beastie, different angle…Image

Riding down to the frisbee field, I snapped this picture of garden, greenhouse, willow tree, and forest in the “photographer’s dream” light of late afternoon, on the first sunny day we’ve had in some time.  Another gorgeous day down on the farm in Central Virginia…Image


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