June 26 – oh the wind and rain

Wednesday afternoon was forecast to be all hot and muggy; I had the boys all afternoon and a free ride to Charlottesville.  So I figured it would be a good day for the “sprayground” splash park.  These water spritzing parks are fairly new to me, we certainly never had them when I was a kid, and they are just perfect for young kids on a hot summer day.

The first hour at the crowded splash park passed enjoyably and relatively uneventfully.  Then the sky darkened, and weather conditions took a turn for the ominous.  By the time the western sky looked like this (below), about half the families had packed up and split.Image

A few more minutes passed, and the sky looked even more ominous.  By this point, anyone with any sense had already left the park.Image

No one left at the “sprayground” but the brave and the stupid.Image

The sky grew ever darker, the wind picked up, the trees thrashed about crazily…Image

…lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, and the sky ripped open with yet another furious early summer downpour.  My word can it ever rain in Virginia!Image

By now, the park was empty save for us, another single dad with his two kids, and some teenagers smoking a joint, all of us huddled under the picnic pavilion’s ever-shrinking circle of dryness.  We had a van, but no where in particular to go, and the kids (including big “poppa” kid) were actually quite thrilled to tear around in the rain.  There’s something delightfully surreal about running around at a spray park while it’s pouring down rain.  I mean, once you’re totally soaked, you can’t get any more soaked, so you might as well run around crazy in the thunderstorm and hope you don’t get hit by lightning, right?Image

Making the most of a summer storm…..Image


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