July 12 – summer in Virginia?

I had a hard time falling asleep last night, various life stresses running through my mind.  Laying awake, listening to the rain on the leaves outside as it slowly, steadily increased from a light patter to a steady pounding, distant thunder coming closer– not the usual charging stormclouds accompanied by a wall of rain and wind crashing through, but a slow patient advance.  Around 3 in the morning, several lightning bolts slammed down close to the house, with a tremendous crash that awoke the whole family.  It was still raining a few hours later when I had to get up to go let the chickens out.  A couple photos of my bleary early AM walk through the rain…



The cows seem quite happy in this weather.  I think they (like me) vastly prefer it to blazing sunshine and clouds of bugs.


Just another fantastically green day here in central Virginia.


I’ve been coming to terms with the idea that this summer, for the first year of my life, I’m not going to make it up to my childhood home in Maine.  The idea of spending more of the summer right here at Twin Oaks has partly been shaped by this journal, but it has definitely helped that I really haven’t suffered from the heat yet this year.  Today was almost absurdly pleasant– overcast and in the high 70’s most of the day.  If it was only like this every day in Virginia, I’d never feel like I had to leave during the summer.

On my afternoon walk down to collect eggs, passing the old chicken yard which has grown back into a thicket of chickory.  Their pretty blue flowers were out in great masses today, individually the plants don’t look like much, but a solid quarter-acre of them is quite impressive!


We’ve all heard of “Endless Summer,” but I think I prefer endless spring.



2 responses to “July 12 – summer in Virginia?

  1. Maine seems to be experiencing an endless spring, but my time here is not endless, with the autumn approaching, so does my departure. I am saddened to read that you are not going to have the opportunity to climb Tumbledown with me. I was very much looking forward to sharing that adventure with you. I’ll look forward to a time when our lives realign.

  2. I love this piece and I hope you get more cool-ish weather.

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