August 28 – wet woods walk

More rain overnight, more rain in the morning, and when I went out to take a walk in the drizzly wet woods in the late morning, the forest looked like this:Image

Mushrooms, mushrooms, everywhere!  Every size, shape, and color.  It would be impossible to try to photograph or identify them all, here are a few of the noteworthy ones:

I saw these early on in the walk, three Reishi mushrooms sprouting from the same log.  I’ve been seeing a lot of them, and think I want to start making tinctures from ’em.Image

I’m not sure what these are, but they were by far the most numerous out there.  They were sprouting from beneath the fallen leaves by the dozens, all over the forest.  When I look through my various guidebooks, I’m overwhelmed by the number of Russulas, Milkcaps, and Clitocybes.  The all look kind of the same, and several of them look kind of like the ones growing here.  I definitely found myself longing for the company of a true mushroom ID expert, someone who could help me put a name to the incredible variety of mushrooms around me.Image

Another photo of a random bit of the forest floor, showing the density of mushrooms that have come up over the past 24 hours or so.Image

Here’s an interesting one, shiny, slimy, and deep purple.  Image

And here’s the bottom of the same one.  I’m guessing it’s a Viscid Violet Cort, which is technically edible, I guess, but I wasn’t too tempted.  It was a pretty awesome looking fungus, however.ImageLots of puffballs as well, in all sizes and shapes.  Here are a few that I found growing on a dead tree, just the smallest fraction of the hundreds that I saw this morning.Image

Now here’s an ugly mushroom, some sort of warty white amanita, just about as ugly as a mushroom can be.Image

And a pretty one, some sort of purple russula, I think.  Another possibly edible species that I most likely won’t be experimenting with.  Kind of crazy the way the profusion of species at this time of year completely overwhelms my ability to identify them.Image

And here are just a couple pictures of the forest, all green and damp and pretty on a cool drizzly late August morning.Image

By the time I crossed back over the creek to walk out of the woods, the drizzle had increased to a steady light rain, and the low areas (like the creekbed) were starting to fill with fog.Image

I just wanted to make a quick mention of these flowers, which I’ve just started noticing all around the farm in the past few days.  I’m not sure what they are, but I really like the way they look. Image

For the remainder of the month, I’ll be travelling.  Starting this evening, I’ll be spending a few days driving to Louisville, then staying with friends in Kentucky for the weekend, then driving home along with my family.   I intend to do some camping and hiking, and post updates from the road, which should be interesting.


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