October 8 – fall colors, part 1

Quite a lot has been happening in the past week, and it’s been difficult to update this journal, as the internet at my home has gone out, and whenever I’ve been at a place in town with wifi, I’ve been pressed for time.  As I am now, but I am determined to move this journal forward.

So, a quick update of the past week, in which Summer finally ended and fall finally began.  I took this photo last Saturday, at about 3 in the afternoon:


as you can see, not only is it over 90 degrees, but the thermometer was in the shade.  I think it was close to 100 degrees in the sun on Saturday, one of the hottest days we’ve had all year!

All through the hot days, the leaves on the trees have begun to change– I’m still thinking that it’s early this year, and I still think it has something to do with the heat and drought.  This photo is from a maple just outside of my window, one which has consistently been one of the most colorful trees around, year after year.Image

Walking through the community on Saturday morning, looking at a small fuit tree in the Morningstar orchard that has already lost most of its leaves.  In general, I’m seeing some trees that have already lost their leaves, some of them seem to have lost leaves without even having them change color.Image

another view of the Morningstar yard from Saturday morning, with the trees on the opposite side changing color.Image

more fall color…Image

On the way into Louisa on Saturday morning, there are several trees with some fairly impressive fall color.  I still think that it’s odd to see so much red so early in October, but it sure is pretty.Image

right in front of the Louisa Library, on Saturday AM.Image

back at Twin Oaks, more fall colors.Image

Sunday was also hot and dry, much like the rest of the month so far.  By Sunday afternoon, things were looking alarmingly parched– the grass was all turning yellow and brown, the forest all dried out.  Sunday night was finally a bit cooler, and there was some overnight rain, which continued on throughout the day Monday.  In the late morning, we finally got a good solid drenching triple storm; rainstorm, windstorm, and leafstorm, as the dried dead leaves were blown from the trees.  Here’s a few photos of the view from my back door, during a lull in the storm. Image

The porch, all covered with leaves freshly blown from the trees.Image

and the maple tree that I had mentioned earlier, in full autumn color.Image

Monday was definitely the turning point– the past couple of nights have been much much cooler, and I can even imagine we might be getting frost soon.  Yesterday was finally a cool, pleasant fall day, and today has been downright cold!  I have a few more photos from the past couple of days, but I’m going to wrap this up now just to keep one step ahead.  Hopefully I’ll get the internet back at home soon and will be able to post updates without having to go into town.


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