November 4 – fading colors

The fall colors this year were almost like the autumns I remember from New England– the peak of color was quite spectacular, and then in a matter of days it was pretty much over.  The bright reds and golds of the maple trees held on for a couple of days into November, but just like that they’re mostly gone, and now the beech and oak trees, with their less flamboyant yellows and rusty oranges, are hanging on.  After about 10 days of above-freezing nights, we had a freeze last night, and it looks like frost is in the forecast for about half of the nights this week–sadly, we’re pretty well finished with all the lovely unseasonable days in the mid-70’s.

Most of these photos are from a short walk I made this morning, just down to the courtyard and back home, doing a bit of obervating while running errands.  In this one, you can see that most of our summer garden crops are done for the year– the sweet potatoes have all been picked, and all that’s left is winter cover crops.Image

looking out over the pond– there’s still some color in the forest, but much less than just a few days ago.Image

On my way back to the house, I went down to visit the pond.  Our swimming season is definitely over, but sauna season is just starting up, so it’s still going to get plenty of use this year!Image

there’s the sauna (and its reflection), all ready for the cold weather.Image

This is some sort of ornamental grass planted by a past pond manager that has thrived in its present location.  The white grass heads were pretty spectacular all lit up with the slanted autumn sunlight.Image

Lots of yellow and brown sycamore leaves all around the pond.  These will probably fall from the tree within the next day or two.Image

Sometime in the next week, I’ll get around to turning off the pond’s aeration pump for the winter, which will shut down this waterfall.  Already, all of the ferns from the spring and summer are dead, just withered brown vegetation.Image

Old barn against a gray sky, has a definite November look to it.Image

Passing from the pond to the woods behind my house, going through a low-lying sheltered spot where the bright leaves have held on for a day or two longer than in more exposed locations.Image

While the maples are pretty much done for the year, and the oak trees aren’t really all that spectacular (mostly just rust brown leaves), the beech trees are the main attraction at present, none more so than this particular individual.Image

Interesting cloud formation above the trees up on the ridgeline.  If you compare this photo with some of the ones I took last week, you can see how much the general look of the woods has changed in just a few days. Image


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