November 5 – tootlin’ around Charlottesville

On Tuesday, I drove to C’ville for my usual tofu delivery rounds.  I remembered to bring a camera this time, and although the fall colors are somewhat muted from last week, things are still looking pretty nice out there.  Not much narrative today, just some photos from my drive to and around Charlottesville.

first, a couple of shots from I-64 on the way to the city.  The colors along the highway are really just a shadow of what they were a week ago, but these shots at least give an idea.Image




now we’re in town.  I think that the season in Louisa is about a week ahead of Charlottesville.  I’m not sure if it’s an “urban heat pocket” thing, or an elevation thing, but you can still see some green in the city, along with some trees that are just starting to change color.Image

here are a few photos taken along Main Street as it passes through the University of Virginia.Image



and this next lot is heading west out of Charlottesville, driving to the town of Crozet, which is right at the foot of the mountains.Image





These trees are right next to the grocery store in Crozet.  I remember way back in April, they were some of the first trees that I noticed the leaf buds beginning to open.  I think I even posted photos of them.  Here are the same trees at the end of the leafy season.Image

Passing back through Charlottesville, I couldn’t help but notice this brightly colored maple tree.  The maples at Twin Oaks have all lost their leaves, but there are still a few hanging on in C’ville.Image


And now we’re back in rural Louisa County, along Old Mountain Road just a few miles from Twin Oaks.  Image

Still quite pretty, although the colors are much more muted than last week.Image

The yard in front of a neighbor’s house, along Yanceyville road.  Image

So that’s how things are looking in C’ville and the larger region.  In future posts, I’ll be back to my wanderings in the woods around Twin Oaks.


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