December 9 – Icepocalypse!


Well, I suppose I may have spoken a bit too soon in dismissing this storm.  Last night, as I was writing about how the ice storm had been a bit of a dud, the world outside of my window was slowly being coated with a fresh layer of ice.  I realized that something was going on in the middle of the night, when the big beech tree outside of my house dropped a large dead limb onto the roof directly above me.  In my fully-asleep state, it sounded like an explosion.


I woke up just after 7, and looked out the window to see everything coated with a thin layer of ice.  I wasn’t sure how long the ice would last, so I stepped out into the cold to take some photos in the back yard.  Image

ice, ice, everywhereImage

more pics from the back yard at about 7:30 this morning.Image


One of those backyard aster-looking plants that was all blooming in November, quite pretty all covered in ice.Image

Kaweah backyard on an icy morningImage

Here’s the view of icy forest looking out my back door.Image

ice-covered tree branches against a colorless late fall skyImage

After breakfast, I walked down to the courtyard– I had to drive to a friend’s house to do some work, and I was hoping the roads would be driveable (which they were).  Here’s the Morningstar orchard, all covered in ice.Image

another photo taken on the way down to the courtyard.Image

After ascertaining that the roads weren’t too ice-covered, I then proceeded to open a porthole-sized hole in the ice covering the car’s windshield.  Driving wasn’t too treacherous, just took it nice and slow.  It was a really pretty morning, with the trees all arching over Vigor road creating an icy tunnel.Image

The South Anna River, running high but not quite at flood stage.  I think that once all the ice melts, we’ll see some flooding.Image

All the icy pine trees along Yanceyville road made for quite a sight.Image

After so many days that all pretty much looked like the day before, the ice storm was pretty aesthetically satisfying, bringing an unfamiliar aspect to everyday sights.Image

Just before noon, I drove back to Twin Oaks.  The temperature had warmed up to a few degrees above freezing, and water was dripping down everywhere.  For the most part, the landscape was still entirely covered with a layer of ice.Image

Back at Twin Oaks, just before lunchtime.Image

The bamboo definitely does not like being covered with ice.Image

More ice-covered forest at noon.  Although there wasn’t any rain falling from the sky, there was lots of water and ice coming off of the trees, and walking in the forest would get you good and wet in no time.Image

One final photo of Twin Oaks, in the terrifying aftermath of ICEPOCALYPSE!Image


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